Monday, September 8, 2014

Mission of the Holy Spirit needs your help

By Keith Josey, Lay Pastor, Mission of the Holy Spirit

Thank you for supporting the Mission of the Holy Spirit with your prayers, gifts, time and resources. This summer, we were fortunate to provide many fun activities, including trips to the beach, pool, D'Art Center, Tides games, Busch Gardens and Ocean Breeze Fun Park, as well as life skills classes and Bible study to our children. All of this was made possible because of your generosity, and because you gave out of a love for helping others and a belief in the services we provide at the Mission.

Despite all the daily struggles faced in our community, seeds of hope, joy and purpose are planted with the support of each of you. At the Mission of the Holy Spirit, we strive to effectively change lives by nurturing the gifts of the people we serve and offering opportunities for all to experience God's love in many ways. Through our efforts, lives are being changed as evidenced by the many young Mission members who graduate high school and go on to college. We have also experienced an increase in our attendance with both children and adults. Our growth is a result of quality programs, people and purpose. As we move into the fall months, our programming has shifted from activity-centered to educational enrichment and healthy living. We have partnered with the Old Dominion School of Nursing, and their interns will provide health-related activities to our members this fall.

In order to sustain our purpose "to effectively change lives" we need your help. While we continue to receive limited grant funding, we are in serious need of your continued financial assistance. These tough economic times make your giving so much more important than ever before. Your support can come in various ways; you can:
  • Challenge your friends or the different committees in your church to each raise $500.00 or more to give in support of this ministry.
  • Adopt a program: Transportation, Feed my Lambs, Dream Builders (life skills and healthy living groups), or Crossings (educational enrichment).
  • Arrange a fundraiser with the proceeds benefiting the Mission of the Holy Spirit.
  • Volunteer your time to be a mentor, tutor and a blessing to a child.
  • Donate items such as canned goods, hygiene products, movie tickets, gift cards, or school supplies that will directly impact families.
These times are challenging, but "we can make a difference and we will make a change." Through working together to share God's love and allowing the light of Christ to shine, we can continue to touch the lives of the people we serve.

To learn more about the Mission and to make a donation, go to