Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2016 Camp Chanco Dates with a "Do it Now" discount for all registrations by Labor Day!

The Chanco Board of Directors has set the dates and rates for 2016 with a special promotion this year!  Register for 2016 by Labor Day and lock in to our 2015 rates!  Registration is currently available via paper forms at or call 888-7CHANCO to register. Plan early for next year's fantastic Chanco experience and save a few dollars at the same time!  

Praying for the churches of Southern Virginia

As part of our liturgy at Annual Council 2015, each delegation wrote a prayer for their parish. We are sharing these prayers each week in the eNews so that we all can support one another in the upcoming year.

Manakin, Midlothian
Almighty God, who has promised to hear those who reach out to you, we ask your blessings on and guidance for Manakin Parish as it prepares to say goodbye to its spiritual leader and enter a process of discerning your will for its future growth. Raise up among your people wise leaders prepared to seek out and implement your plans for your church. Dear Lord, we also pray that you will bless those who lead and those who prepare to serve in Stephen Ministry beginning at Manakin Episcopal Church; enable them to provide care and support to those who are hurting and need your help. May they be mindful of your command to love one another as they are loved by you. These things we ask through Jesus Christ our lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen

Emmanuel, Cape Charles
Dear Lord God, Creator of us all, we thank You for your ongoing guidance and the unconditional love Your Holy Spirit moves us to express for each other and the world.  We ask that, just as Your beloved Son Jesus began his powerful ministry among small groups, You empower us within our small community to minister to those in need, and transform our small parish into an outsized force for blessings within Cape Charles and the larger world. In the coming year, we ask that you guide those seeking to help others to our doors to join us. We pray You increase our awareness of the gifts we each have to share, and that You lay before us those in need with whom we may share them, most particularly the hungry and elderly.We humbly ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Center for Sacred Music at Virginia Wesleyan College hosts hymn festival

The Center for Sacred Music at Virginia Wesleyan College will host a hymn festival, "Let Heavenly Music Fill This Place," on Thursday, July 30, at 7:30pm at First Presbyterian Church, 300 36th Street, Virginia Beach. 

Co-sponsored with the Tidewater Chapter of the American Organists Guild, it features organists Dr. Martin Sunderland  (Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach), Aaron Renninger (St. Bede's Catholic Church, Williamsburg), Holly Sunderland (St. Michael Lutheran, Virginia Beach),  Carina Sturdy (North Carolina School of the Arts), and Dr. Antoinette Anglin (First Presbyterian, Virginia Beach), with the Wesleyan Festival Brass, and the combined choirs of Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church, St. Michael Lutheran Church, and First Presbyterian Church, along with FPC's Handbell Choir.

Hymn festivals celebrate and promote congregational singing and include preludes based on hymn tunes, with introductions followed by an opportunity for the congregation to sing the hymn.   In addition, the combined choirs will lead in several "concertatos" which are anthems for choir, congregation, brass and bells.

All are welcome to this great evening of singing which is offered as part of Virginia Wesleyan's week-long "2015 Worship & Music Conference."   Donations will be accepted to support the work of both the CSM and the AGO chapter. For further details, call 757-455-3376.  For further details on the conference, see

Governor McAuliffe signs proclamation noting Jackson-Feild's 160th anniversary

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe authorized and signed a proclamation noting Jackson-Feild's 160th anniversary. Presented to President and CEO Tricia Delano by Mrs. Sharron Kitchen Miller (wife of Virginia Senator John Miller), this official document recognizes our longevity and success.

Gubernatorial proclamations are issued in order to call to the attention of Virginians the special honors, milestones and events, and to create awareness of the good works done by the recipients.

We are pleased and proud to receive this proclamation commemorating our 160th anniversary, and we look forward to continuing our excellent service to children with behavioral health issues.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bishop Hollerith's report on General Convention

Click here for Bishop Hollerith's report on the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. His report is also available on our website.

Praying for the churches of Southern Virginia

As part of our liturgy at Annual Council 2015, each delegation wrote a prayer for their parish. We are sharing these prayers each week in the eNews so that we all can support one another in the upcoming year.

Epiphany, Norfolk
Holy and Living God, you have revealed your loving kindness in your Christ; ever deepen our congregation in Christ's Spirit, through gratitude, mindfulness, compassion and service, in the name of the Trinity, One God.  Amen

St. Matthew's, Chesterfield
God of generosity and compassion, you pour upon all your people abundant gifts and call them in every generation to offer and spend their talents gladly in the service of your love. Guide us to discern your voice afresh and become ever more aware of the call you invite us to share at this time, and in this place. Help us to recognize and affirm each other's unique gifts. Keep us constant in our prayers and give us clear vision, creative imaginations, and the fearless daring to perceive true needs and persevere in practical and lively ministries of loving service. And as we are fed here at your altar, may we faithfully go forth, knowing that you are ever with us, and that in carrying out your mission, we are doing your holy work. We ask these things in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Clergy transitions

The Rev. R. Christopher Heying will leave Emmanuel, Chatham for Diocese of Western Louisiana, 8/1/2015

Learn more about Boys Home!

Megan-Drew Tiller, who works in Church Relations for the Boys Home of Virginia, would like to visit your church. Learn more about this 109-year-old Episcopal ministry which was founded in the Diocese of Southern Virginia, and explore some ways your church can get involved! To schedule her for an adult forum, homily, outreach event or youth group activity, please contact Megan-Drew at or 540-958-2455.

Enneagram Conference at Kanuga

Harmony in a Discordant World is the topic of this year's Enneagram Conference at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC.  Participants will learn skills to better know themselves and enrich their relationship with God while considering such questions as how to be agents of peace in a violent world and dealing with conflict in the family, church and workplace.  Dates are October 4-7.  To learn more, visit

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Save the date: Bishop's Day with Senior Wardens on Oct. 10

All Senior Wardens are invited to join the Bishop and senior staff for a morning of conversation and information sharing on Saturday, October 10 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Hickory Neck Church, Toano. Registration and continental breakfast will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the program will begin at 9 a.m.  This gathering is designed for Senior Warden’s only and will be offered only once.  More information and registration coming soon.

Praying for the churches of Southern Virginia

As part of our liturgy at Annual Council 2015, each delegation wrote a prayer for their parish. We are sharing these prayers each week in the eNews so that we all can support one another in the upcoming year.

St. Stephen's, Petersburg
Dear God, we come to you for strength and guidance. As always, we pray that we are more of a help than a hindrance. But we also pray that we better appreciate the vast and varied gifts we've been blessed with...that we can help each other uplift the strengths and not condemn the weaknesses but instead strengthen those as well. We ask that you grant each of us a better understanding of the struggles we may be going through and help us to show more compassion. And Lord, we pray for an extra dose of patience as you help us to see that our opinion isn't the only opinion and that it is your will that shall be done. Amen.

St. Francis', Virginia Beach
Lord Jesus Christ, who called your servants to be disciples of your Word.  Give us the grace to follow in their footsteps, that we may devote heart, soul, mind, and strength to your loving service and discipleship.  Guide us into your glorious kingdom, where with the Father and the Holy Spirit you live and reign, now and for ever.  Amen.

Historic moments at the 78th General Convention

Bishop Hollerith and the deputation from Diocese of Southern Virginia just spent 10 days in Salt Lake City to take part in the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. This Convention, in a series of historic moments, elected the first African-American presiding bishop; approved marriage equality for all Episcopalians; adopted a budget that emphasizes racial reconciliation and evangelism; opposed divestment in Israel, Palestine; and made some significant changes to the church's governance. Get more information and lots of pictures on our General Convention blog and the diocesan Facebook page.  
General Convention Deputation from Southern Virginia, L to R front row: Ms. Lily Burroughs; the Rev. Samatha Vincent-Alexander; Ms. Alice Webley; the Rev. Mark Wilkinson. L to R back row: the Rev. Keith Emerson; the Rev. Charles Robinson; the Rev. Dale Custer; Mr. Tony Robinson; Bishop Jay Magness; Bishop Hollerith; Ms. Toni Hogg; Ms. Cindy Barns; Mr. Sam Webster. 

Are you sending students to William & Mary?

Please let us know if you are sending students to William & Mary! If you are aware of young adults in your congregation who are currently attending William & Mary or planning on attending William & Mary in the fall of 2015, please contact Rev. Tyler Montgomery, the W&M Canterbury Chaplain, so that he can invite them into the Episcopal Campus Ministry there, and otherwise support them during the rich and often challenging years of college.  You can email him directly at or call his cell at 828-707-3218.  Please don't neglect to mention these young adults at a critical time of formation! 

You can find Canterbury contact information for other colleges in Virginia on our website here.  

Celebrating the life and work of Jonathan Daniels

This August will mark fifty years since Jonathan Daniels, an Episcopal seminarian, was killed in an act of heroism in the civil rights movement, for which since 1991 he has been remembered in our Church's calendar. Bishop Hollerith and the bishops of Diocese of Southwest Virginia and Virginia have authorized the use of propers appointed for his commemoration on Sunday, August 16.

Click here for materials that might be useful for clergy or congregations wishing to participate. Some congregations may choose simply to remember the event on a Sunday service.  Others may develop some program.  No matter how, through this remembrance The Episcopal Church in our commonwealth may take the opportunity of witnessing in common to God's justice and reconciliation among peoples.

Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage Aug. 14-15
Special events marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Jonathan Daniels and all of the Alabama martyrs will be held in Hayneville, AL on August 14-15. The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop-elect and Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, is scheduled to preach at the communion service in the courthouse on August 15. If your church is planning to participate in the pilgrimage, please contact Ann Turner, Click here for more information about the pilgrimage. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Praying for the churches of Southern Virginia

As part of our liturgy at Annual Council 2015, each delegation wrote a prayer for their parish. We are sharing these prayers each week in the eNews so that we all can support one another in the upcoming year.

St. Matthias', Midlothian
Gracious and Ever-loving God, we gather with grateful hearts for the many blessings you have so generously given us.  As we give thanks for our friends and family, let us remember the lonely.  As we give thanks for our health, let us remember the sick.  As we give thanks for our homes, let us remember the homeless.  As we give thanks for our food, let us remember the hungry.  May our gratitude spur us to service in the building of your Kingdom and give glory to you, O Father, where with the Son and the Holy Spirit you live and reign now and for ever.  Amen.

St. Paul's, Newport News
Dear Lord, surround us with your loving presence. Lift our spirits when we struggle to serve those in need with so little resources at hand. Encourage and guide our church and search committee as we go through the process of seeking our new rector. Strengthen our resolve to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in downtown Newport News. All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you in the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

Mission of the Holy Spirit: Breaking the cycle

By Eva Lynn Trump, Administrator, Mission of the Holy Spirit
When the Mission first started in 1993, our primary goals were to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to young inner city people, and to encourage them to stay in school in order to graduate with their high school diplomas. Today, the Sunday worship service averages 60 young people and their families, and we have 20-25 members attending our Tutoring, Music & Art and Life Skills weeknight programs. Our members are not only staying in school to earn their high school diplomas (or G.E.D. equivalent), they are going on to trade schools, the military, and college. We are so proud to celebrate the college graduation of Nikkia Allen from Old Dominion University over Mother's Day weekend, and four more members will be graduating from their colleges and universities by this time next year. As our members have grown and entered college, the Mission is pleased to help each one of them with their college expenses. The following is a letter we received from a Mission member who was granted financial assistance:

I am writing this letter simply to express my gratitude. I am incredibly grateful and appreciative to REACH-Mission of the Holy Spirit, not only for the financial support towards my future endeavors, but also for the recognition of the hard work that I have put in thus far. To me, this educational assistance demonstrates your generosity, faith in community, and interest in my success. With this organization's support, I can continue to reach my academic goals as a student majoring in Social Work at Norfolk State University. I am a strong believer in volunteering within my community and this educational support is further inspiration to continue giving back to the people and places that support me in my pursuits. As I enter my second year of studies, I hope to continue to serve within my community as a Campus and Community Outreach Director of Norfolk State University's chapter of Golden Key International Honor Society. In addition, [I am] a mentor and volunteer at the local community centers and an active member of my student body. I hope to inspire others to volunteer and give back, as I continue on my own academic journey. I would like to thank the REACH-Mission of the Holy Spirit for your recognition and support.

Clearly, this young woman is working hard to break the cycle of poverty that imprisons inner-city young people, and she has been empowered go far in this world.

While the Mission has helped her and others in the past, our bank balance is the lowest it has been in at least 10 years; we may not have the funds to help our college students for the fall semester. We are considering cutting programs at a time of year when we need them most: when children are on break from school and looking for something to do. We want to keep them occupied with spiritual, educational and fun programs, and safe away from the violence and drugs in their neighborhoods.

We are so grateful for all of our individual, church and business supporters, and ask that you consider your donation prayerfully. The work of the Mission is through the grace of God, and we desperately need your help to continue to bring the Good News, quality programs, and educational assistance to our inner city youth and their families.

To learn more about Mission of the Holy Spirit and how you can help, contact them at 757-858-0010 or