Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Chanco teams up with Seton Youth Shelters to help children with an incarcerated parent

Chanco on the James teamed up with Seton Youth Shelters of Virginia Beach to provide a day of fun and team building on June 2 for participants in Seton's Mentoring Program. The children in the Mentoring Program all have an incarcerated parent. The idea behind the program is to help give the children a positive role model and adult interaction to help guide them through this very difficult time in their lives.  
Seton Youth Shelters shall provide a safe haven, counseling and outreach services, 24 hours per day without charge, to assist youth in crisis throughout Hampton Roads, with the goal of reuniting families. The girls' shelter is located at St. Aidan's, Virginia Beach, and St. Aidan's rector, the Rev. Mark Wilkinson, is president of the Seton board. To learn more about Seton Youth Shelters go to www.setonyouthshelters.org.