Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CE-Net and Digital Faith Formation

For many of us just saying the words Digital Faith Formation can instill feelings of inadequacy, perceived technical challenges or perhaps outright avoidance of the subject.    Fear not! CE-NET has collaborated with Jared Rendell, Partner for Digital Strategies, at Vibrant Faith to present several sessions over the summer to help us reduce our digital angst. 

The first opportunity will occur on June 15 at 10:00 at the Diocesan Center, 11827 Canon Blvd., Suite 101 Newport News. Jared will help us explore some basic information about a few key "must use" digital platforms and guide us in re-orienting our perceptions of the digital landscape.  As we begin to explore the topic the following key points should emerge:
  • Digital formation is not a tool to be used, but rather a space to gather in.
  • Digital formation is not just posted information, but rather active engaged faith formation.
  • You have what it takes to have a digital presence and it is a shared responsibility for all who are engaged in faith formation.
  • Digital formation is a planned, integrated ministry.  It's not a standalone effort but rather it should complement and connect to  our brick and mortar presence
  • Effective digital formation should create opportunities to live out our mission and create ways to connect to each other and to God.
Please join us and share your thoughts.  We will conclude at noon and you are welcome to bring a lunch if you would like to continue the discussion during the lunch hour.  Please confirm you attendance by email, cblack@diosova.org.