Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Convocation 5 to host Liturgical Arts Festival

Celebrate and share the unique creative beauty that flourishes in Southern Virginia.

For two thousand years, the Liturgy of the Christian Church has inspired some the world's most beautiful works of art--music, architecture, sculpture, stained glass, textiles, etc. The Anglican tradition has produced its own unique flavor in countless examples of liturgical art, growing out of the traditions and cultures of parishes. These unique offerings come from hundreds of thousands of loving hands, hearts, and voices.
Churches in Convocation 5 (Jamestown Convocation) will host a Liturgical Arts Festival May 30 through June 8. The festival will provide opportunities for parishes to learn from each other and to share their knowledge. The festival will include:
  • Concerts & Performances
  • Workshops
  • Exhibits of Hangings & Vestments
  • Activities
  • Sharing and Networking
Click here for more information. A schedule of events is coming soon!