Wednesday, May 22, 2013

St. Matthias' youth support Jackson-Feild

Lisa Rose, Youth Coordinator at St. Matthias’, Midlothian, is passionate about helping her sixth and seventh grade youth appreciate their blessings and to be concerned about the plight of those less fortunate.She has many creative ways to help her children appreciate the effect of money and how we choose to use it and especially what it can do for others. One of her exercises involves freezing money in ice cubes in order to work to get to it. Rose’s efforts led to a fund raiser to help children their own age who have experienced misery and pain.  

Over the course of several Sundays, the youth collected jewelry from their families and members of the church. The items were then sold with the proceeds being given to Jackson-Feild Homes at the suggestion of Rose’s mother who has been a loyal supporter of the Home.

On May 9, The Rev. John Boucher presented a check to Jackson-Feild in the amount of $350 during the awards ceremony of the 18th Annual Golfing for the Kids tournament at The Country Club of the Highlands. The Homes’ staff was humbled by this gift and are most thankful for these special youngsters and their youth coordinator.

Representatives from Jackson-Feild hope to be able to meet with St. Matthias' youth group when they reconvene after the summer. The youth group is also interested in doing some "hands on" projects in the future.   

Jackson-Feild Homes provides innovative, intensive therapeutic services using best practice trauma models for boys and girls in residential care and community- based services. All programs work with each youth individually and involve each youth’s family to ensure success. The goal is to return the child to their community as soon as possible. Jackson-Feild works to educate, equip and empower youth to become healthy and confident young adults.