Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saint Paul's College will not merge with Saint Augustine's University

Saint Augustine's University in North Carolina has backed out of plans to merge with Saint Paul's College, Lawrenceville. "After careful due diligence and much deliberation, Saint Augustine's University has decided that to pursue the acquisition is not a fiscally responsible option," Saint Augustine's University said on its website.

In a press release dated May 13, Oliver W. Spencer, Jr., chairman of Saint Paul's Board of Trustees said, "The Board of Trustees and administration of Saint Paul's College were surprised after receiving the correspondence from Saint Augustine's University last week. We had anticipated that as a result of all of discussions and planning, we would be moving forward with the possible merger/acquisition process. However, the Board of Trustees of Saint Paul's College will continue to pursue all options available including continuing discussions with the Saint Augustine's University Board of Trustees."