Saturday, March 14, 2020

Using Sparkhouse Christian formation curriculum in digital space

For Christian formation leaders and churches using Sparkhouse curriculum, here is information about how you can use that curriculum in virtual space.

Sparkhouse recognizes with the spread of COVID-19, churches are moving towards a virtual discipleship method. Here are proposed solutions for distributing materials to your students:

If you are a Sparkhouse Digital Subscriber:
  • You may add an unlimited number of users to your Sparkhouse Digital account
    • My Account – Leaders – Add New Leader
  • You may download the materials and upload them to a temporary, password protected site
    • Click here for instructions on how to create a password protected Dropbox folder
If you own the content in physical form:
  • It may be duplicated and distributed internally either through physical copies or a temporary, password protected site, including learner leaflets.
    • 1517 Media cannot provide assistance with anything outside of our own products (duplicating DVDs, Dropbox, Windows/Mac programs, etc.)
    • Consult local IT professionals in your area or conduct your own research online
Any posting online must be to an internal group, i.e. not public.
Certainly if any of your congregations have questions on this topic, they can call us  8AM-4:30PM Central Time Monday through Friday: 877-702-5551, and also at 800-328-4648.