Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Parish Development Clinics in 2019

The Order of the Ascension, an Episcopal Religious Community, invites clergy-in-charge of congregations (rectors, vicars) to two Parish Development Clinics. They are an integration of practical parish issues and Anglican pastoral/ascetic theology and strategy; with a touch of organization development. Participants come having completed a significant course of reading. They each complete some work prior to the clinic. Trainer/coaches will facilitate a process in which the participants engage one another and the coaches around the issues and dynamics of their parishes.
There are two clinics which still have open space. The workshop fee is $200.00. Participants arrange for their own lodging and meals:
  • Benedictine Rhythms: Listen, Take Counsel - June 4-7, 2-19, Seattle, WA. Register by March 1. Objectives are: 1) To better understand the inner dynamics of self and parish around listening and taking counsel. and 2) To increase our ability to shape healthier and more faithful practices around listening and taking counsel.
  • Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice - Sept. 10-13, 2019, Seattle, WA. Register by April 1. The emphasis will be on understanding and living a pastoral theology and strategy. In this clinic we will focus on spiritual practice.