Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Presiding Bishop Curry urges participation in the Good Friday Offering for Jerusalem, the Middle East

"Our journey as Episcopalians also includes remembering our sister and brother Christians in the Holy Land who maintain the faith which we hold so dear," Presiding Bishop Michael Curry wrote to the clergy of The Episcopal Church. "Their witness is an inspiration."
Presiding Bishop Curry wrote in the annual Good Friday letter to all congregations asking them to consider assistance for Jerusalem and the Middle East.
"This tradition is decades old and is an important statement of our solidarity with the members of the four dioceses of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. We have a Gospel imperative to be sure they know they are not forgotten behind the headlines or because of the distractions in our own lives."
Funds collected from the Good Friday Offering are gathered and distributed to the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East which includes the Dioceses of Jerusalem and Cyprus and the Gulf, all members of the Anglican Communion.
Information and resources for the Good Friday Offering are available here and include bulletin inserts, posters, Holy  Week meditations from St. George's College in Jerusalem, and a Lenten Education series from Diocese of Jerusalem.