Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Liturgical resource for Day of Repentance & Reconciliation

Annual Council Resolution R-1 (2013) resolved that "November 2, 2014, All Souls Day, will be designated as the 'Day of Repentance and Reconciliation' in the Diocese of Southern Virginia and parishes will annually hold this observance during the octave of All Saints."

We encourage all parishes to live into R-1 and plan a meaningful service during the octave of All Saints. In the diocesan service we used a story format.  "Repentance, Reconciliation and Healing: A liturgical resource for congregations" follows the format of Holy Women, Holy Men. This booklet offers several options for readings and psalms.  

We shared our diocesan reconciliation service with St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Clay City, Kansas, which used the liturgy on Sept. 20 for a service of repentance, healing and reconciliation to acknowledge the mistreatment of the only African-American member in the church's 134-year history, Mai DeKonza, who died in 1959. Read more about this service here.

If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact Canon Caroline Black,, or a member of the Repairers of the Breach Commission.