Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Seeds of Hope: St. Matthew's expands ministry to the hungry in Chesterfield

The fifth of seven in a series about the recipients of this year's Seeds of Hope Grants to develop and expand social justice ministries in Southern Virginia. Learn more about Seeds of Hope grants here. 

St. Matthew's, Chesterfield, was awarded a Seeds of Hope Grant to help them make improvements to their food pantry ministry. The grant-funded project will allow them to weatherize and outfit an existing garage on their property so that it can be used to store and refrigerate food for their food pantry.

St. Matthew's has an on-going food pantry ministry. People in need of food are referred to the church by Chesterfield Colonial Heights Assistant Ministry (CCHASM), as well as member requests. St. Matthew's partners with Second Branch Baptist Church and the Beach Grange, who provide food donations. They have had no facilities for perishable food distribution, such as fresh vegetables and frozen meats. Expanding their pantry to provide foods other than non-perishable shelf items will provide better nutritional choices for their guests. Also, the expanded storage space will allow St. Matthew's to pursue additional partnerships, which would include the Central Virginia Foodbank.